GAMIAN-Europe (Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Networks-Europe), a patient-driven pan-European organization, represents the interests of persons affected by mental illness and advocates for their rights. Its main objectives are: advocacy, information and education, anti-stigma and discrimination, patients’ rights, co-operation, partnerships and capacity building.


  • Nov 9, 2016


    European Parliament Interest Group on Mental Health, Well-being and Brain Disorders, the Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Networks-Europe (GAMIAN-Europe) together with Expert Platform on Mental Health -Focus on Depression (EPD)- organized on November 9th 2016 a round table to discuss one of the most…

  • Sep 27, 2016

    GAMIAN-Europe at the 29th ECNP Congress

    GAMIAN-Europe at the 29th ECNP Congress Gamian-Europe members participated in the The 29th Congress of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) that was held in Vienna. Together with Expert Platform and EUfami, GAMIAN-Europe contributed in the Patient Session that took place on Saturday 17 September. GAMIAN-Europe board…

  • Aug 24, 2016

    WFMH report 2016

    Download the WFMH report 2016 by clicking here  

  • Jul 12, 2016

    Proposal for an EU-level Action Plan

    Ensuring implementation of the Joint Action on Mental health and Well-being:  Proposal for an EU-level Action Plan  1       Introduction This document contains the rationale and draft framework for a future EU level Action programme on Mental Health and Well-being.  It was developed by GAMIAN-Europe to…

  • Jun 23, 2016

    Survey of the BPtK/NPCE about the psychotherapeutic care of refugees in the EU

      The inadequate provision of care to refugees is an international topic of concern. Most countries offer some basic health care facilities, but mental disorders often are only treated in exceptional cases. Until now there is little evidence how the matter is being addressed in…

  • Jun 5, 2016

    Message from WFMH

    Dear Colleagues We are pleased to inform you that the International Diploma on Mental Health, Human Rights and Law is currently accepting applications for the academic year 2016-17. The Diploma, now in its ninth year of existence, is a collaboration between the World Health Organization…