Financial Information

Independency and transparency

Principle of non interference of any funder (public or private) or sponsor in GAMIAN-Europe’s activities
Subscription of EFPIA code of conduct (laid down by statute)

Principle of multi funding: GAMIAN-Europe is not dependent of an unique funder, and it’s activities will never be endangered by the threat of a funder to quit.

Democratic decision making on general policy
•    Yearly General Assembly
•    No financial barrier for full members to attend tehj meetings of the General Assembly
•    Yearly open discussion on activity report of the past year and planning for the coming year.

Financial transparency
•    Yearly financial report, by professional, independent accountant.
•    Audit report by professional auditor presented by the treasurer at annual general assembly.
•    Publication of all financial reports (income and expenses) and balance on website.
•    Full financial report publicly available at commercial court of Brussels



July 2017 – December 2018

OPERATING INCOME year 2017/2018 : 360.113,87€


Total Industry related income: 283.471,51 €
Total non-industry related income: 76.642,33€
Total: 360.113,87€

Total industry funding  = 78%
Total Non industry funding = 28%
Highest industry grant:  =  27%



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