Suicide Prevention for Young Men Video

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. To raise recognition for this cause we talked to several young men about their experience with suicidal ideation. Watch below their moving accounts of what it is like to live through such an experience, their strategies to help others and their advise and hope for the future.

If you or anyone you know if living with suicide idea, please seek help. You are not alone. Let’s #BreakSuicideStigma, together

Please feel free to download the below social media assets and share them with the hashtag #BreakingSuicideStigma. Let’s try and spread the word and end the stigma around suicide

If you are looking for ideas of what text to include, please feel free to use some of these slogans that came from our focus groups with young men:

  • You can’t always succeed in one go, sometimes you have to stumble on the way
  • It’s OK not to be OK, but let’s talk about it
  • Ask for help – You’re not alone
  • You’re are stronger than you know
  • Sometimes just listening is enough

Remember to include the hashtag #BreakingSuicideStigma with your tweets!

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