GAMIAN-Europe Celbrating The Vibrant Mind Exhibition in Brussels

The Vibrant Mind Exhibition Tour continued its journey and yesterday’s was held at the Psycho-Sociaal Centrum Sint-Alexius-Elsene, here in Brussels. The event was an incredible success, it not only highlighted the powerful connection between art and mental health but also brought together a community of people willing to contribute to promoting well-being through creativity.

Gratitude to Our Supporters and Contributors

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to making this exhibition a memorable event. Your efforts and commitment helped to stress the important role of creativity in mental health.

Special thanks are due to:

      • Veronique Vercruyssen, the dynamic Director of PSC, whose leadership was instrumental.
  • Frank Vandenbroucke, Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health and Social Affairs, for his invaluable support and presence.
  • Peter Keri, President of GAMIAN Europe, whose guidance and vision continue to inspire.
  • Sven unik-id, a talented Belgian artist whose creations added a unique flair to the exhibition.
  • Lora-Elly Vannieuwenhuysen, an artist and a finalist in the Vibrant Mind competition, whose artwork deeply touched all who attended.
  • Erik Thys, Chief Physician at PSC-Elsene, for his expertise and commitment to mental health.
  • Francesca Centola, Policy and Knowledge Officer at Mental Health Europe, whose insights into mental health policy enriched our discussions.
  • Mike Michiels, Co-founder of KAOS, who has been pivotal in fostering creative expressions within the mental health community.


A Collective Celebration of Creativity and Well-being

The exhibition was not only an art exhibition; it was a celebration of how creativity can foster mental well-being and how art can help to express ourselves. Each piece of art was a testimonial to the resilience and talent of those “vibrant minds“,  together with the essential role of art in mental health care.

As we reflect on the success of the Vibrant Mind exhibition, we are reminded of the strength of our community and the shared commitment to advancing mental health awareness and support.



Thank you once again to all who participated and contributed. Your involvement was key to our success, and we look forward to future collaborations that continue to highlight the crucial intersection of art and mental health care.

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