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The MEP Alliance for Mental Health (established in 2009 as the European Parliament Interest Group on Mental Health, Wellbeing and Brain Disorders) aims to bring together MEPs and relevant stakeholders advocate the development of sound EU policies which contribute to the prevention of mental ill health and ensure appropriate and high quality services and person-centred care, empowering those affected. The Group meets 2-3 times a year; these meetings provide an opportunity to underline the need for EU-level activities to take the field of mental health into account in a variety of areas and plan advocacy activities. The secretariat for this Group is being provided by GAMIAN-Europe.

GAMIAN-Europe Calls on MEPs to Support a European Parliament Intergroup on Mental Health

In a significant move to prioritize mental health at the heart of European policy-making,...

‘Vibrant Mind’ Journey Continues in Suceava, Romania at the Zamaca Art Gallery, hosted by the Bucovina Institute Association

"The Vibrant Mind: Exploring Mental Health Through Artistry" is a transformative pan-European...

Mental Health Prioritisation in the Workplace: Detailed Insights from the Belgian EU Presidency’s Second-Day Focus

Under the 2024 Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, mental health and...

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