A Charter for the Rights to Treatment and Care for People with Schizophrenia – Nov. 2019

People living with a diagnosis of schizophrenia are often disadvantaged, vulnerable and experience high levels of stigma and discrimination. It can affect the way a person thinks, feels and perceives the world. It is important to ensure that the rights and expectations of people living with schizophrenia are maintained and upheld; now an urgent priority. The purpose of this Charter is to define the rights, expectations and responsibilities for mental health care and treatment from the persons’ perspective.


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Understanding and Managing Agitation – Sept. 2019

A guide for patients and carers

This guide has been produced as part of a collaboration between GAMIANEurope and EUFAMI and aims to provide information for people who experience agitation and those close to them. It includes a description of what agitation is, how it can be managed and what available treatments can help. It is written from the perspective of people with lived experience of agitation and carers,
and also draws on existing research.


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CALL TO ACTION – Sept. 2018

Empowering people affected by mental ill health is beneficial to individuals and their carers. It is also crucial for developing more patient centered, efficient and cost-effective health systems.
This is the key message of this comprehensive Call to Action launched by GAMIAN-Europe.
The Call, developed with the direct input from a variety of leading EU-level and national (mental) health stakeholders, addresses what can be undertaken concretely to overcome the current pervasive disempowering attitudes and behaviours towards people affected by mental ill health.


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A sustainable approach to depression: moving from words to actions

This report aims to identify key factors that will ensure programmes for depression are sustainable and have a lasting impact on people affected. Drawing from the practical experience of 19 case studies and the published literature, we have identified ten lessons learnt that may help policymakers build a sustainable response to depression in years to come.


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Breaking the silence: Sexual health impact on mental well-being

The GAMIAN-Europe survey – Feb. 2018

This report gives an overview on the descriptive statistics (frequencies, percentages) about the respondents’ background characteristics, mental health / treatment and sexual health. Besides, we perform some crosstab analyses in order to analyse the relationships between the background characteristics and sexual health on the one hand and mental health / treatment and sexual health on the other side.


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Schizophrenia Companion Guide – 2016

No two people with schizophrenia are the same. Every individual is different. Every experience is different. The effects of schizophrenia are also felt by caregivers, friends and family members. Each person affected by schizophrenia will have their own story to tell and their own journey to travel. There may be times when this journey is difficult, but it is a road that many have travelled before. Equally, there is no right way or wrong way to live with schizophrenia but, by learning from the experiences of others, it is possible to prepare for what lies ahead and overcome obstacles along the way. We have developed this booklet through consultation with people with schizophrenia, their caregivers and family members, and healthcare professionals, with the aim of offering practical guidance for people affected by schizophrenia. It will be up to you to steer your own course, but we hope this companion guide will help you find your way.

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