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Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Networks-Europe (GAMIAN-Europe), is a non-profit, patient-driven pan-European organisation, representing and advocating the interests and rights of persons affected by mental ill health. Its principal activities relate to advocacy, information, awareness-raising, education, partnership and capacity building. Overarching themes in our work relate to destigmatisation of mental ill health and the championing of patients’ rights.

GAMIAN-Europe was established in 1998 as a representative coalition of patient organisations. Ever since, our work is centred on the belief that patients can and should play an effective and complementary role in developing positive and proactive policies and other impactful initiatives on mental health issues and services.

Meet the team

Nigel Olisa

Executive Director

Erik Van der Eycken

EU Research Project Manager

Cecilia Angulo

Projects & Policy Manager

Christine Marking

 MEP Alliance for Mental Health Coordinator

Karl Lavó

Policy & Communications Officer

Chiara Samele

Senior Consultant

Diliana Ancori

Policy & Communications Assistant

Our objectives

To improve the provision, reliability and quality of information

on mental health for patients, relatives and carers.

To reduce stigma, prejudice, and misinformation

 surrounding mental ill health.

To promote collaboration within the mental health field

amongst those working in research, education/training and service provision at national and pan European levels.

To improve awareness, knowledge and understanding

of the public, policymaker and the media with regard to mental health conditions.


In order to reach these aims, GAMIAN-Europe

Provides information and support to member organisations

via educational seminars, conventions, regular newsletters, handbooks on specific mental illnesses.

Facilitates an open and inclusive pan European dialogue

among patient organisations and other bodies, interested in exchanging information and ideas.

Shares experience and examples of good practice

to strengthen the role and voice of patient organisations and effective input in EU and national policy development.

Work Programme

Our Work Programme 2020 – 2022 is now available.
Download it here.

Join our mission

GAMIAN-Europe’s main and invaluable important resource consists of the personal and voluntary engagement of its members. Furthermore, we receive unrestricted grants from a number of healthcare companies, strictly alligned to the EFPIA Code Of Practice On Relationships With Patient Organisations.

Who can join us

GAMIAN-Europe currently brings together a wide variety of organisations (local, regional and national) from almost all European countries.

Any organisation, operating in the field of mental health who shares our objectives can become a member.

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