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Any organisation or individual body, either personally or professionally involved in the field of mental health, can become a member of GAMIAN-Europe.

Latest News and Events

GAMIAN-Europe elects new President and executive commitee

On the 29th of September; GAMIAN-Europe held its AGM and a new president Péter Kéri was elected. Alongside working for GAMIAN-Europe, Péter helps run the Awakenings Foundation in Hungary. Other key positions that were filled were Helen Bennett was elected as...

My HeART, our first inaugural art competition, is completed

Over the last few months we have been receiving artwork from our member organisations around the globe and finally we can share their work with you. Initially we had three juries choose one of three pieces for each artist and then finally assign points to the chosen...

Ursula von der Leyen Announces New EU Initiative on Mental Health.

“"We should take much better care of our, friends, partners and beloved ones”. These were the words stated yesterday at the at the State of the European Union (SOTEU) by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in regarding the EU putting forward a new initiative for...
GAMIAN-Europe launches its campaign #BreakingSuicideStigma

GAMIAN-Europe launches its campaign #BreakingSuicideStigma

The stigma surrounding suicide, especially for young males is rampant, statistics have shown that 80% of suicides in Europe between the ages of 15-34 are male. GAMIAN-Europe has decided to address this topic and launch a campaign, titled #BreakingSuicideStigma,...

Mental health in the digital workspace: Resolution adopted

Mental health in the digital workspace: Resolution adopted

On Tuesday the European Parliament voted to put preventative measures against technostress and over-connection in place as well as boost the benefits of working from home so as to safeguard mental health. They voted 501 in favour, 47 against and 85 abstentions....

Mental Health News
📢📢 1 more day to register for our "Meet the Artist" webinar starting Oct 5 at 3PM CET

🗣️ Our judges & winning artists will be discussing #art & #mentalhealth before we open the floor to audience questions

🎉 Hope to see you there!

✍️ Register here:
GAMIAN_Europe photo
🚨🚨🚨 Webinar alert!

A quick reminder that this #Wednesday at 15:00 we will be holding our "Meet the Artist" webinar.

🗣️ Come chat with the winners and judges of our #art contest about all things #mentalhealth & #artistic

✍️ You can register here:
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Our president @HilkkaKrkkinen2 is speaking #headway event. “We need action on EU #mentalhealth now.

“We need a comprehensive EU #mentalhealth strategy now”
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🎨 " #Art is not what you see, but what you make others see"

💫 We are immensely proud to announce the completion of our art competition & our webinar w/ the artists.

🖼️ Find the artwork here:
💻 Register for the webinar here:
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🫂 People living with #depression may think they need to find their own way out, but this journey doesn't have to be taken alone.

The right support can make the path to managing depression less lonely:

Learn more here:

🫂 If you suffer from depression, understanding your journey and finding the right support helps you move on and enjoy your everyday life.

💡 Learn more:


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