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The voice of patients in mental health

Are you a mental health patient? 

If you have been diagnosed with a mental health condition and want your voice to be heard at a European level you are at the right place! GAMIAN-Europe represents patients from all across Europe, we advocate against stigma and look at improving the well-being of mental health patients. Get in touch with us here. 

Any organisation or individual body, either personally or professionally involved in the field of mental health, can become a member of GAMIAN-Europe.

Latest News and Events

GAMIAN-Europe Endorses EPP’s Petition for EU Year for Mental Health

  Following the latest success of the European Parliament parliament voting in favour of protecting workers' rights from technostress and over-connection and thereby safeguarding their mental health, a new mental health focused initiatve backed by the...

EU Stakeholders Call for Reinforcement of Mental Health Priorities in the NCDs Initiative

    With the aim of helping the EU Member States to lessen the effect of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and to improve mental health and wellbeing, last month the European Commission announced the start of the Healthier Together – EU Non-Communicable...

Mental health in the digital workspace: Resolution adopted

On Tuesday the European Parliament voted to put preventative measures against technostress and over-connection in place as well as boost the benefits of working from home so as to safeguard mental health. They voted 501 in favour, 47 against and 85 abstentions....
MEP Alliance for Mental Health: Latest meeting report is available!

MEP Alliance for Mental Health: Latest meeting report is available!

On the 10th of May, 2022 the MEP Alliance met to further discuss the implementation of a Euopean year for Mental Health. The meeting was chaired by MEP Tomáš Zdechovský. The main focus of this particular meeting was had its theme around the priorities &...

COVID impact on mental health: Results of the II survey are out!

COVID impact on mental health: Results of the II survey are out!

Our first COVID-19 survey highlighted the pandemic's impact on mental health for people with a pre-existing mental health condition. Since then we took the initiative to see what is happening post-COVID-19; whether patient needs are being met, how mental health...

Safeguarding the future of brain health for patients: joint event

Safeguarding the future of brain health for patients: joint event

In recent months, discussions on brain health have much focused on how to bring brain research and brain health on the European agenda. Patient organisations have also been very active in bringing their views to the discussion. However, we increasingly find that in...

Brain Awareness Week: New video released!

Brain Awareness Week: New video released!

What does brain health mean to you? What is the relationship between brain health and mental health? What are the main challenges and what should we prioritise at policy level? For Brain Awareness Week 2022, we asked these questions to our member organisations and to...

Mental Health News
💧🏊‍♀️ "While the physical boosts of swimming are widely documented, the #mentalhealth benefits of getting into the water are less well-known, yet equally as impactful"

Tell us, do you enjoy swimming?

#heatwave #summer #wellbeing

Read more here:
🤔To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow? Maybe yes!
📜Past studies show that #gardening improves #mentalhealth & new research that owning house plants improves physical & #mentalhealth

So treat yourself to🪴& care for your #mentalhealth
Read more👇
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🔎🍓 "It is possible that changing what we snack on could be a really simple & easy way to improve our #mentalhealth"

An @AstonUniversity study showed that the more often people ate fruit, ⬇️ #depression scores &⬆️ #mentalwellbeing.

Full article👇
🎵"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in"

#mentalhealth is a journey & like every journey we need #support along the way. @EPPGroup petition for an #euyearformentalhealth is a chance to offer support on this journey.

✍️Sign here:
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🇪🇺✍️ Together with seven EU-level organisations and individual stakeholders we call on the @EU_Commission and Member States to:

✅ Adopt a EU-wide #MentalHealth Strategy
✅ Allocate sufficient budget for #MentalHealth initiatives and more...

Read here ⤵️
👉There is no #health without #mentalhealth
We thoroughly #endorse the @EPPGroup petition calling for 2023 as the European Year for #mentalhealth.

😷The #COVID19 pandemic only increased the need to finally make #mentalhealth an EU priority

📝sign here
EPP Group @EPPGroup
🔴 #MentalHealth cannot be ignored any longer!

It must be a priority, for yourself, but also across Europe.

🤳Join @MariaWalshEU in calling for 2023 to be the European Year dedicated to Mental Health, and help us to improve things.

Sign the petition 👉

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