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What we do

We are a patient-driven pan-European organisation, representing the interests of persons affected by mental illness and advocates for their rights. Our main objectives are: advocacy, information and education, anti-stigma and discrimination, patients’ rights, co-operation, partnerships and capacity building.

Our latest campaigns and projects

We are committed to making a difference through impactful initiatives. Our work is divided into different campaigns under which different projects sit. Explore them both to gain knowledge, promote awareness, and join us in our mission to create a more informed and compassionate world.

Art and mental health

Welcome to our creative hub, where we delve into the intricate relationship between art and mental health.

Peer support

Finding ways to support those experiencing mental health issues safely and effectively is key, and one of the best approaches includes peer support.


Cancer patients suffering from depression are also at heightened risk of suicide, particularly those with head and neck cancers.

The voice of patients in mental health

All organisations or persons, being personally or professionally involved in the field of Mental Health can become member of GAMIAN-Europe.

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Bringing together the pieces of Peer Support – Virtual Workshop

As part of the Peer Support Project, GAMIAN-Europe hosted its second workshop on the 15th of November, 2023, focusing on the essential aspects of peer support, training, and supervision, highlighting their significance in mental health care.

GAMIAN-Europe in Brain Innovation Days 2023: Pioneering Discussions on Mental Health

GAMIAN-Europe played a pivotal role in this year’s Brain Innovation Days by contributing to two high-impact sessions on art in mental health and on patient involvement in cross-disciplinary work.

Virtual Workshop on the Integration of Peer Support in Mental Health

As the challenges in mental support are rising, peer support appears as a useful tool. Join our virtual workshop on the 26th of October and find out how peer support can be integrated in mental health services for optimising patients’ treatment and reintegration to society.

Connecting and Collaborating: GAMIAN-Europe’s Coffee Table Sessions

Since September this year, GAMIAN-Europe has been fostering a sense of community and collaboration among its members through a series of informal discussions. These sessions aim to bring members closer together, facilitate mutual understanding, and provide a platform...

High-Level Conference on Mental Health Hosted in Brussels on World Mental Health Day

  On the 10th of October 2023, the European Commission held their event 'An EU comprehensive approach that prioritises sound mental health for all'. GAMIAN-Europe was in attendance and also had the honour of having artwork from their 'The Vibrant Mind: Exploring...

GAMIAN-Europe celebrated World Mental Health Day by hosting “The Human Storybook” 

A Year in Review: A Resounding Call to Action in 2022 Last year, GAMIAN-Europe marked World Mental Health Day by sharing a compelling video that served as a call to action for policy-makers and change-makers across the European Union. We pressed for the need for a...

New Eurobarometer Survey Sheds Light on EU Citizens’ Views on Mental Health: A Call to Action for Policy Makers and Advocates

A recently conducted Flash Eurobarometer survey by the European Commission offers critical insights into the perspectives of EU citizens on mental health. The survey encompassed a representative sample of individuals aged 15 and over from each of the 27 EU Member...

GAMIAN-Europe Showcased Groundbreaking Mental Health Initiatives at ECNP Congress in Barcelona

GAMIAN-Europe once again was present at the annual ECNP Congress held in Barcelona from 7th to 10th October. We used the platform to disseminate our latest publications and promote our ongoing European projects that aim to innovate mental health care across the...

Exploring the Link Between Migraine and Mental Health in Women: Insights from the GAMIAN-Europe and EMHA Webinar

Migraines can deeply affect an individual's mental health, often in ways that go unspoken and overlooked. To shed light on this important issue, GAMIAN-Europe, in collaboration with the European Migraine and Headache Alliance (EMHA), recently launched a groundbreaking...

EU level mental health organisations call on EPSCO Council for concrete action on mental health

Today, on the occasion of the informal EPSCO Council, 6 organisations, active in the area of mental health representing mental health professionals, patients, carers and brain researchers, are calling on the Spanish Presidency to consider proposing concrete EU-level...

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