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Brain Awareness Week 2024


This interactive resource serves as a guide to understanding the complex relationship between the brain and mental health conditions. It delves into the brain’s role as the control centre for emotions, thoughts, and behaviours, and examines what occurs when its functions are disrupted. Through straightforward explanations, stories, and interactive elements, readers will gain insights into how various mental health conditions are linked to the brain’s operation.

This resource aims to provide a comprehensive overview for those interested in learning about the connection between brain function and mental health, offering knowledge in a clear and accessible manner.

It’s important to acknowledge that mental health is influenced by a wide array of psychosocial factors in addition to the biological aspects related to the brain under what most call the ‘biopsychosocial model’ – highlighting how mental health is the result of a complex interplay between various elements, including genetics, personal experiences, and environmental influences.

The scope of it, therefore, focuses on the brain’s role within this intricate framework, recognising that understanding mental health fully requires considering these interconnected factors. Join us as we explore the intricate ways in which our brains are connected to our mental health and well-being!

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We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the experts Floris, Erik, Tineke, Andrea, Marijana, Mohammad, Madeleina, Natascha and Sophia for sharing their valuable insights into mental health conditions, for their support of our project for Brain Awareness Week. Through your expertise and support, we are enabled to engage in meaningful discussions, aimed at reducing stigma and promoting awareness. Your involvement is key to our efforts in fostering a more informed and empathetic approach to mental health. Thank you for your participation and commitment to this important cause.
Finally, a thank you to our supporters, Lundbeck and Angellini Pharma. While they had no influence over the content, their financial contributions help with giving life to the project.

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