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The Mind@Work Project, a collaborative initiative between young adults, mental health organisations and
academia is asking young adults: “What scares, exhausts, or strains you in work life? And what helps you manage
and enjoy your work?” The initiative invites people to share their personal experiences and participate in a
collective effort for a healthier work culture of the future.


The initiative is collecting stories and thoughts from 18-35 year olds on mental health at work. Testimonials from
those with mental health conditions and of minorities such as LGBTQ+ and ethnic minorities are particularly


“We believe that work life needs to be changed and we want our work as well as our work communities to be a
supportive factor for our mental wellbeing”, says Tiia Metiäinen, who is leading the joint initiative. “Therefore
we want to hear the stories of individuals across Europe to better understand the mental landscape of young
adults in modern work settings and what our generation wants from the future.”


The Mind@Work Project is a collective project combining art and science. The aim is to create an international,
collective story: an audiodocumentary podcast series will be developed based on the crowdsourced stories. The
stories will also be shared on social media to create wider discussion, as well as contribute to societal research,
including qualitative research on experiences and mental health at work of young adults.


“Individual stories enable us to study and predict changes in work life. That is why each experience that is shared
makes an important contribution to research as well as the public discourse on work culture”, says Anna-Maria
Isola (University of Turku, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare), who is the senior researcher responsible for
anonymising and archiving the stories for societal research. Isola also leads a research group on the experience
of belonging and participation for the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.


“GAMIAN-Europe is very excited to be part of the Mind@Work Project initiative. Young people’s mental health
is at the heart of GAMIAN-Europe’s priorities this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a higher number of
young people facing struggle with regard to their mental health. A number of surveys have reported higher levels
of worry, stress and fear among this group, with those with pre-existing mental health conditions being
disproportionately affected”, says Nigel Olisa, Executive Director for the European mental health organisation
GAMIAN-Europe. “The Mind@Work Project will undoubtedly help bring more awareness to the issue of mental
health in the workplace amongst the young and provide a great platform for an exchange of experiences, ideas
and advice for the community.”


Share your personal story using an online form on the project website at: and join the
community that will help shape a healthier work culture of the future.





The Mind@Work Project -team brings together a combination of professionals with backgrounds in the fields
of art and science. Majority of the team are young adults themselves. We want to contribute to changing
attitudes about mental health at work – the more people talk openly about this, especially at workplaces, the
less stigma is associated with the topic. Read more about us at:
The initiative is done in collaboration with Finnish and European mental health organisations, academia and
with input from young patient representatives. The initiative relies also on the support of its dedicated and
driven volunteers.


Partners in this initiative include the European mental health organisation GAMIAN-Europe, Finnish mental
health organisations MIELI Mental Health Finland and Taiteen Sulattamo, Balans from Sweden as well as the
University of Turku. Helsinki-based audio producer Artlab is responsible for production of the
audiodocumentary podcasts.


The initiative has received funding from the Niilo Helander Foundation, the Finnish Cultural Foundation,
Uusimaa Regional Fund and the Finnish Work Environment Fund. The Mind@Work Project is a non-profit

More about partnering organisations:

Artlab is Finland’s leading podcast producer and focuses on projects combining art and science, aiming to make
a positive impact in society. Artlab collaborates regularly with the Finnish national broadcasting company (Yle)
as well as organisations providing education in the fields of social and healthcare.

The non-profit organisation Balans was founded in 1997 and supports, assists and informs people with mental
illnesses and their relatives in Sweden.

Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Networks-Europe (GAMIAN-Europe), is a patient-driven panEuropean organisation, representing and advocating the interests and rights of persons affected by mental ill
health. Its membership consists of 66 mental health associations in 26 countries.

MIELI Mental Health Finland
The mission of MIELI Mental Health Finland is to support and promote good mental health, considered essential
at all levels of society and in all spheres of life. Its membership consists of 55 local mental health organisations
and 33 national organisations. MIELI coordinates the Finnish crisis center network that includes 22 crisis centers
working across Finland.

Taiteen Sulattamo
Taiteen Sulattamo is an organisation that combines art and mental health. Its mission is to give every person the
possibility for artistic expression as part of a community, through activities developed in collaboration with
professional artists. The activities of the organization help improve day-to-day management skills and quality of
life of participants by engagement, involvement and expression.

Tiia Metiäinen


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