2008 Convention – JERUSALEM

11th Annual Educational Convention Jerusalem, Israel

18 September – 21 September 2008

The Impact of Culture and Ethnicity on Mental Health

Thursday, September  18th,  2008:
Welcome address and Dinner – at the “Apple Tree” (ground floor) dining room

Friday,  September 19th, 2008 – at the Genesis Hall
Welcome Messages : President of GAMIAN-Europe – Ms.Dolores Gauci
Israel’s Health Minister –    Mr.Yaakov Ben Yizri

GAMIAN-Europe Award Presentation to the former Norwegian Prime Minister Mr. Kjell Magne Bondevik

“Overview of how Culture and  Ethnicity Impact on Mental Health” –  Prof. Philip Fredric Thomas
“The differentiated Impact of Culture, Ethnicity and Social position on Mental Ill Health in the UK” – Prof. Shulamit Ramon

“The Impact of  migration on the Mental Health of the ‘Beta-Israel’ (The Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel(“ – Dr. Anne-Marie Ulman

General Assembly: Elections for new board members

Saturday, September 20th, 2008
“Ethnicity and Mental Health”: “A cultural history of ambiguous interrelatendness” – Prof. Darja Zavirsek
“Culture and Mental Health” – Prof. Alean Al-Krenawi
“Language, Culture and Mental Health” – Prof. Philip Fredric Thomas
Parallel workshops:

  • Ethnicity –  facilitated by Prof. Darja Zaviršek
  • Culture –  facilitated by Prof. Alean Al-Krenawi
  • Language –  facilitatated by  Mr. Mohammad Shabbir

Sunday, September 21th, 2008


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