2011 Convention – BRUSSELS

Gamian- Europe  Annual Convention  in collaboration with Ups&Downs
Brussels 22/23 September 2011

Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre

Thursday 22nd September:  A day at the European Parliament
Meeting of the Interest group of Members of The European Parliament


•    Introduction: Anton Grech Malta
•    Mr Philippe Cupers, Sector Public Health, European Commission, DG Research
•    Mr Jurgen Scheftlein, Unit Health Determinants, European Commission, DG SANCO
•    Mrs Tinne Vandensande, King Boudewijnfoundation Belgium:  Meeting of minds
•    Mary Baker (president European Brain Council) and Dolores Gauci (president GAMIAN-Europe)
•    Discussion

Guided tour in European Parliament

Reception and Award giving ceremony

Friday 23rd September
Evolution of the science of the brain. – History of the science of mental health: parallels and divergences – Anton Grech (Malta)

The role of neurology in mental health treatment, diagnosis, and the role of mental health in neurology….
Depression and brain tumors: perspective of a family member, Lia Le Roy, the wife of Frank Boeye, Past President and founder of Werkgroep Hersentumoren vzw – Study Group Brain Tumours Belgium.

Mental Health and Genetics – Maarten Van Den Bossche (University Antwerp Belgium)

MR Scan: imaging of the brain (unipolar and bipolar depression) – Eric Ruhe (University Amsterdam Netherlands)

Presentation of Good Practices Award winners:  

  • Kinapsi Greece,
  • Ups&Downs Belgium
  • Club 13 Lithuania


exchange between Gamian Member associations on their activities during the past year
Suicide awareness and prevention in Slovenia, Bogdan Dobnik

Presentation of global and national results on Stigma survey

Presentation of Physical and Mental Health Project

Presentation of “Bipolar Companion”



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