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We are committed to making a difference through impactful initiatives. Our projects are thoughtfully divided into three categories: Ongoing, Completed, and Upcoming, to give you better insights into how we work to shape a better future. Explore our projects to gain knowledge, promote awareness, and join us in our mission to create a more informed and compassionate world.

Patient Charter on Schizophrenia

Patient Charter on Schizophrenia

Patient-Clinician experience in depression

The high prevalence of mental disorders in the population is well recognized, and is estimated to...

Schizophrenia Companion Guide Continuity of Care

Many guides on schizophrenia are already available in many countries and in many languages, a few...

Migraine and Mental Health in Women

BACKGROUND Migraine currently affects over 15 per cent of the European population and creates substantial impairment in functioning, ranking 2nd in the list of years lived with disability. The condition is most prevalent amongst the female population. It is estimated...

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Cancer and Depression

Background   Depression is a comorbid disabling syndrome known to affect between 10 to 20% of cancer patients. Some estimates indicate that rates could be as high as 58% Depression in individuals with cancer has been associated with poorer health outcomes and...

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