GAMIAN-Europe Embarks on a Major European Research Project Targeting Youth Mental Health

In an exciting development for youth mental health advocacy, GAMIAN-Europe, proudly announces its participation in a significant European-funded research project EARLY. 

The 4-year project, coordinated by the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, is dedicated to reducing the impact of mental health conditions (MHCs) among youth. It particularly focuses on depression, anxiety, stress disorders, substance use disorders, and the influence of environmental and lifestyle factors.

GAMIAN-Europe’s role in the Project

Our organisation is engaged in supporting the analysis of countries’ preparedness for implementing mental health interventions for the youth. We are supporting the evaluation of the importance, nature, and determinants of effective governance in relation to these interventions. Additionally, GAMIAN-Europe is supporting identifying resilient practices and strategies in various countries, focusing on how health systems can absorb, adapt, and transform to better support youth mental health.

We are also playing a key role in the communication aspects of the project, supporting in creating engaging and informative infographics and audio-visual materials. Our team is also dedicated to developing online resources and conducting both online and face-to-face dissemination activities. These efforts are designed to ensure that the knowledge and findings of the project are effectively communicated to and understood by our end-users.

Expected Outcomes of the Research Project

The project looks at creating a comprehensive and actionable understanding of youth mental health. This includes developing a model to better conceptualise youth mental health and creating a matrix that categorises various environmental and lifestyle factors affecting youth. There’s a strong focus on gaining deeper insights into youth perceptions of mental health issues and enhancing the understanding of available services in Europe. The project also aims to provide accessible and representative data on youth mental health for researchers and policymakers. A significant part of this initiative is to evaluate the success and sustainability of various interventions aimed at reducing MHCs in youth, as well as focusing on reducing the risks of non-communicable diseases during adolescence and youth.

GAMIAN-Europe’s Commitment to Advancing Mental Health

GAMIAN-Europe’s active participation in this project reflects the commitment to improving mental health outcomes for the youth across Europe. By leveraging our expertise in mental health advocacy and communication, we are poised to make a substantial impact on shaping a future where mental health is prioritised, and effective, accessible interventions are a reality for all.

Read more about EARLY here. 


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