GAMIAN-Europe Showcased Groundbreaking Mental Health Initiatives at ECNP Congress in Barcelona

GAMIAN-Europe once again was present at the annual ECNP Congress held in Barcelona from 7th to 10th October. We used the platform to disseminate our latest publications and promote our ongoing European projects that aim to innovate mental health care across the continent.

Pioneering Publications

At their booth, we distributed a collection of enlightening publications addressing various facets of mental health. Among the important works shared were:

  • “Migraines and Mental Health in Women: Addressing the Challenge”
  • “Exploring Mental Health and Suicidality in LGBTQIA+ People: A Toolkit”
  • “Developing Trust and Effective Care for People with Schizophrenia”
  • “Top Tips for Supporting your Brain Health”
  • “A Report on Cancer & Depression”

The publications are freely accessible on our website: GAMIAN-Europe Publications

Spotlight on European Projects

We are also involved in several European Commission-funded projects focusing on personalised treatment and precision medicine strategies for mental health disorders:

Psych-STRATA: This project aims to solve the issue of treatment resistance, affecting nearly a third of patients with major mental disorders who do not respond effectively to drug therapy.

REALMENT: A 4-year project that seeks to optimise mental disorder treatment through current pharmaceutical options by bringing together top research institutes and the pharmaceutical industry.

PSY-PGx: This initiative is the first large-scale, non-industry sponsored clinical study that aims to demonstrate the benefits of implementing pharmacogenetics in existing medical settings for psychiatric patients.

TRUSTING: This project aims to develop an AI monitoring system using natural language processing (NLP) to predict relapses in schizophrenia patients, fostering trust between clinicians and patients.

“It Takes Two to Tango”

In a compelling session led by Erik Van der Eycken and other experts by experience, GAMIAN-Europe demonstrated the indispensable value of patient perspectives in mental health research and treatment. The session, part of the PSY-PGx project, emphasised that effective mental health care is a collaborative effort between clinicians and patients.

Networking and Future Prospects

The event offered us an invaluable opportunity to network with professionals, researchers, and other organisations, allowing them to stay abreast of new initiatives in the mental health sector.

For more information about GAMIAN-Europe’s involvement in the ECNP Congress and their ongoing projects, please visit GAMIAN-Europe’s website.


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