European Parliament

MEP Alliance for Mental Health

MEP Alliance for Mental Health
Organised by GAMIAN-Europe

16 October 2019
Between 14:00 and 17:00
European Parliament, Brussels
Room JAN 2Q2


The meeting of the MEP Alliance for Mental Health took place on 16 October in the European Parliament in Brussels between 14.00 and 17.00 in Room JAN 2Q2. This meeting served to strengthen the supporter base of the group as well as focus on the priorities and possibilities for EU-action in relation to mental health.

There is a decreasing EU-level focus on mental health – at a time when this topic should be considered a health priority. Not so long ago, the Commission actively subscribed to the slogan ‘no health without mental health’ – and various specific actions were taken. These actions were widely welcomed and participated in; however, since the Mental Health Compass project came to an end in 2017, no specific follow-up actions have been proposed. Instead, mental health is now a part of the Commission’s wider activities in the field of chronic disease.

This is not sufficient. Mental health is still not considered as important as physical health  – main EU-level mental health stakeholders tirelessly advocate ‘parity of esteem’ – and treating it as part of the wider chronic disease agenda will not help to address the urgent and crucial need for better mental health and suicide prevention across the board.

The objectives of the meeting were threefold:

  • To ‘hear’ relevant stakeholders regarding priority actions in the field of mental health;
  • To define what possible actions could be taken at EU level and how you could support these;
  • To gather support for the MEP Alliance for Mental Health.

Some more information on the MEP Alliance for Mental Health:

The MEP Alliance for Mental Health (established in 2009 as the European Parliament Interest Group on Mental Health, Wellbeing and Brain Disorders) aims to bring together MEPs and relevant stakeholders advocate the development of sound EU policies which contribute to the prevention of mental ill health and ensure appropriate and high quality services and person-centred care, empowering those affected. The Group meets 2-3 times a year; these meetings provide an opportunity to underline the need for EU-level activities to take the field of mental health into account in a variety of areas and plan advocacy activities. The secretariat for this Group is being provided by GAMIAN-Europe.

Current supporter MEPs HERE

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