Regional Seminar Moscow 2010

GAMIAN-Europe Regional Seminar, Moscow,

May 28–30 2010


May 28, Friday  Arrival of the delegates, Welcome dinner

May 29, Saturday
Opening session:
Opening speeches (Mariana Bogdan and Vladimir Rotstein)
“Mental health and People with Mental Health Problems In the Media”.
Analysis of Russian press. Anjelika Stepanova, Russia
Analysis of Western press. Jacinta Hastings, Ireland
Language Assistance – a program of training for media representatives covering the problems of the disabled people. Elena Chikarenko, Russia
“Lexicon project”. Dolores Gauci, Malta

Morning Session. Chair Yoram Cohen
“Public organisations and mass media”
Public organisations and mass media from patient’s perspective.  Tatiana Belyaeva, Russia
Public organizations and mass media from family’s perspective. Torsten Kindström, Sweden
Public organizations and mass media from journalist’s perspective
Peter Morozov, Russia

Afternoon Session
Round Table. Examples of good practice
5-7-minute presentations from all participants
Conclusion of the day formulating the main important points in relationship with mass media (for example: fewer stigmas, more objective information). Vladimir Rotstein, Russia

May 30, Sunday
Workshops: Chair: Marianna Bogdan
“How to deal with mass media”. Paul Arteel, Belgium
Gamian RegSem-2011-Arteel
General discussion

Personal experience in relationship between public organizations and mass media
Round table and general discussion; debate between journalists and people with mental health problems. moderator: Paul Arteel

Closure of the seminar: “GE-statement to the media”
Gamian RegSem-2011-Press release


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