The Vibrant Mind

With our project The Vibrant Mind: Embracing Mental Health Through Artistry,  we want to celebrate artists living with mental health conditions all over Europe (and beyond!) throughout 2023 and 2024. This is why we decided to create a truly pan-European art exhibition with the intention of different European citizens with lived-experience of a mental condition able to display their works in a gallery within their own country.

Details about the project

Below you can find how the project works in three simple steps. If you have further questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch at


We want to see your different creations (in whichever visual format they may be e.g. photography, sketches, digital art etc) with a small description of you and your background and the story you want to tell. Follow this link to fill in the details


Submit your projects to one of the exhibition venues in your country. For a list of available exhibition venues and contact details, click here.

Share and Participate

Share the project details across all your different social media channels so that we can spread your art to all corners of the globe. Also, be sure to participate in different online events throughout the year. Watch this space!


By clicking on the button below you can see the latest events that will be taking place throughout the duration of the project.

Project Aims

The main objectives of The Vibrant Mind project are:

  • Showcase the artworks of those living with mental health conditions and disseminate them through our networks, allowing people in different countries to appreciate the art.


  • Increase awareness about mental health conditions in as many European countries as possible while recognising the artistic ability of those living with mental ill-health.


  • Strengthen collaboration among different organisations involved in art and mental health so as to form a community where both people’s art and mental health experiences can be shared

If you know of any exhibition venues that would be willing to host our artists work for a period of time, please get in touch with