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The vibrant mind

Duration: 1 year (2023 – 2024)

With our project The Vibrant Mind: Embracing Mental Health Through Artistry, we want to celebrate artists living with mental health conditions all over Europe (and beyond!) throughout 2023 and 2024. This is why we decided to create a truly pan-European art exhibition with the idea of sharing those with lived experience of mental health conditions artwork throughout Europe

We will therefore select (via public vote and art jury experts) the top 30 pieces to travel across Europe beginning in early 2024. The top three artists will also win a 1000 euro art getaway (details in PDF below) organised by GAMIAN-Europe.

We will organise different events with other different NGOs and and organisations within specific areas of art and mental health in the form of webinars, workshops and panel discussions (times and dates TBC end of this year or early next year).

How to participate




We want to see your different creations (in whichever visual format they may be e.g. photography, sketches, digital art etc) with a small description of you and your background and the story you want to tell.



Submit your created artwork by clicking the link below this section. Please be sure to make sure it is a good-quality photo (an explanation of this is found in the link below) so that we can be sure that when printed on the canvas, it looks amazing! Click the link below to submit.


Share and participate

Share the project details across all your different social media channels so that we can spread your art to all corners of the globe. Also, be sure to participate in different online events throughout the year. Watch this space!

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