GAMIAN-Europe at the 32nd European Congress of Psychiatry in Budapest

From April 6 to 9 April 2024, GAMIAN-Europe had the chance to participate in the 32nd European Congress of Psychiatry held in Budapest, Hungary. The event was a vibrant gathering, bringing together experts and professionals from across the globe, and providing an exceptional platform for networking and collaboration.

Throughout the congress, our booth became a hub of activity, drawing numerous attendees who were eager to learn more about our mission, areas of expertise and the different research projects in which we are involved. GAMIAN-Europe is actively participating in a number of European-funded research initiatives, including PSY-PGX, REALMENT, Psy-STRATA, and TRUSTING. At our booth attendees were drawn to informative flyers highlighting the key details of these projects.

A highlight of our participation was the involvement of our President, Péter Kéri, who took the stage to address a critical and often controversial topic within the field of psychiatry: “Coercion in Psychiatry: Epidemiology and Prevention.” His talk provided a comprehensive overview of the different forms of coercion that can occur in psychiatric care. These range from overt physical measures, such as involuntary hospitalisation and the use of restraints, to more subtle forms like social, emotional, and legal pressures on individuals to comply with treatment.

Péter Kéri emphasised the significant global disparities in the use of psychiatric coercion, noting that such differences can have profound implications for the rights and well-being of patients. In the words of the President, “We know that there are differences throughout the world concerning coercion, frightening differences“. He furthermore stressed the importance of discussing these issues openly to understand their root causes and ensure that the voices of those subjected to coercion are heard and respected. In his powerful conclusion, he advocated for the empowerment of patients who experienced coercion and urged them to share their stories alongside taking an active role in advocating for reforms that prioritise patient rights and dignity.

Additionally, Erick Van der Eycken, our Expert by Experience, contributed significantly to the discourse with his presentation on the challenges faced by mental healthcare systems in today’s changing landscape. He reflected on potential solutions that could lead to more effective and compassionate interventions, further stressing GAMIAN-Europe’s commitment to improving mental health care practices.

The participation of GAMIAN-Europe at this European Congress of Psychiatry underscored our ongoing commitment to leading the way in patient-centric mental health research and advocacy.  We continue to foster a deeper understanding of mental health issues and advocate for systemic changes that benefit patients worldwide.

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