GAMIAN-Europe’s Campaign for the Mental Health Week 2024

GAMIAN-Europe Launched AI Bias Awareness Campaign During Mental Health Week 2024

In recognition of European Mental Health Week 2024, GAMIAN-Europe proudly launched an innovative campaign designed to spotlight the potential biases in Artificial Intelligence (AI) towards individuals living with mental health conditions. The focus was on how AI perceives and represents mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, and schizophrenia.

Our campaign featured a series of videos where AI was tasked to generate images depicting people living with various mental health conditions. To deepen the conversation and explore the implications of AI-generated perceptions, we invited individuals experiencing these conditions to provide their insights and reactions to the images.

Their responses revealed significant biases in the way AI visualises mental health challenges. One participant noted that the images often portrayed “a lot of darkness with only a little bit of light,” suggesting a skewed and potentially stigmatising portrayal of mental health. Another reflection was that the images were “creepy as an image and creepy as a thought,” underscoring the discomfort and alienation felt by many towards the misrepresentation of their experiences.

These testimonials stressed the need for ongoing dialogue and education around AI and its role in shaping societal attitudes toward mental health. The campaign not only raised awareness about the inherent biases in AI technology but also opened a broader discussion on the ethical implications of AI in our everyday lives.

We encourage everyone to watch these videos, engage with the content, and join us in advocating for more accurate, respectful, and inclusive AI representations of all aspects of mental health.

At GAMIAN-Europe, we are committed to continuing this crucial conversation and pushing for advancements in AI that respect and uphold the dignity of all individuals, especially those living with mental health conditions. We believe that through awareness and proactive engagement, we can influence the development of AI technologies to be more inclusive and representative of the diverse experiences within our community.

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