GAMIAN-Europe in Brain Awareness Week 2024: There is no Brain Health Without Mental Health

On March 7, 2024, GAMIAN-Europe participated in a significant gathering at the European Parliament, organised by the European Brain Council. Leading discussions marked Brain Awareness Week 2024, underlined the urgency and importance of addressing Mental Health disorders within the EU. Our President Peter Kéri was invited to share his personal experience, shedding light on the silent struggles many patients face and highlighting the vast disparities in treatment access across the EU. This event brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including patients, policymakers, researchers, and industry representatives, to share insights, experiences, and policy recommendations aimed at advancing Brain Health.

The event focused on Brain Health as a global priority, discussing a holistic approach encompassing prevention, research, and social factors in healthcare. Topics included the impact of geopolitical conflicts on mental health, the importance of data availability, and the role of research in understanding and addressing brain disorders. Contributors advocated for a comprehensive approach, with an emphasis on continuous innovation and data accessibility in research. The urgency for prompt policy responses ahead of the EU elections was also highlighted.

The experts furthermore presented a series of policy requests during the discussions, aligned with the EU elections. These requests included substantial funding for brain research, the implementation of personalised treatments, and the establishment of a European hub for research. Additionally, a European Partnership on Mental Health within Brain Health was proposed, reflecting a collective ambition for sustained collaboration over the next 7 to 10 years. The discussions served as a powerful call to action for stakeholders in Brain and Mental Health, highlighting urgent issues and paving the way for collaborative efforts and innovation. GAMIAN Europe’s ongoing advocacy reinforces the need for a unified approach to ensure no patient is left behind in the pursuit of better Brain Health across the EU.

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