GAMIAN-Europe in Essential Tremor Conference at the European Parliament

Yesterday at the European Parliament, GAMIAN-Europe participated in the Essential Tremor Conference. The Conference resulted in a pivotal summit to raise the conversation around essential tremor, a prevalent but often overlooked brain disorder affecting over 60 million individuals worldwide. The conference, extendedly titled “Essential Tremor Conference: How can technological innovation empower patients’ lives?” brought together patients, policymakers, and healthcare professionals to spotlight the societal impact of essential tremor within neurological disorders, and explore innovative solutions, also considering the European Commission’s focus on Mental Health matters.

Key speakers, including MEP Alex Agius Saliba (S&D, Malta) and Giuseppe Carbone (Principal at CarboGMed Tech SA), underscored the necessity of a holistic approach to address the challenges posed by essential tremors at the EU policy level. Mr. Saliba’s opening remarks stressed the importance of increasing awareness, fostering structured dialogue, and advocating for comprehensive EU strategies to combat brain diseases. Mr. Carbone advocated for equal access to therapies for patients, emphasizing the need for inclusive health policies.

Teresa Petrangolini (Director of the Patient Advocacy Lab ALTEMS) highlighted the European Charter of Patient Rights as a fundamental framework for advancing patient care and innovation. Here she stressed the importance of patient organisations, like us, in calling for collaborative efforts between policymakers and health professionals to ensure accurate diagnosis, effective treatments, and holistic patient care.

Personal testimonies, like that of Maarit Matjussi, a patient of essential tremor, brought to light the personal struggles and societal misconceptions associated with the condition. Matjussi’s story underscored the isolation and challenges faced by individuals with essential tremors, advocating for greater empathy and understanding within the community.

The conference concluded with a unified call to action, urging for increased awareness, the development of effective treatments, and the establishment of an official intergroup to address brain disorders more forcefully at the EU level. The joint declaration signed at the event represents a significant step towards recognizing and addressing the needs of those affected by essential tremors.

As GAMIAN-Europe continues to champion mental health within brain disorder advocacy, our involvement in the Essential Tremor Conference underscores our commitment to improving the lives of patients. Together, we move forward with renewed determination to advocate for comprehensive health policies, and support innovation.

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