Celebrating Brain Awareness Week: Unveiling GAMIAN-Europe’s Interactive Campaign

GAMIAN-Europe proudly announces our interactive campaign was launched on the occasion of Brain Awareness Week, aiming to put a light on the complex relationship between brain function and mental health conditions.

This interactive initiative offers an engaging guide to understanding how our brain, the control center for emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, impacts mental health when its functions are disturbed.

Our campaign provides insights through simple explanations, stories, and interactive elements, exploring the linkage of mental health conditions with brain operations. It is designed to be accessible for anyone interested in learning about the intricate connections between our mental well-being and the brain, emphasizing the biopsychosocial model.

This model highlights mental health as the result of genetics, personal experiences, and environmental factors—underscoring the importance of viewing mental health through a comprehensive lens.

The five important parts of the brain that it looks at are:

  1. The Prefrontal Cortex
  2. The Limbic System
  3. The Insula
  4. The Basal Ganglia
  5. The Cerebellum

Join us in this journey to understand more about the brain’s role in mental health and well-being, fostering understanding and breaking down stigma. Together, let’s explore, learn, and advocate for a future where mental health is fully understood and embraced.

Learn more about the Campaign here. Stay updated and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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