Vibrant Mind Exhibition Stops in Budapest

GAMIAN-Europe is proud to share insights from the recent developments from our Vibrant Mind Project, including its latest exhibition at the KuglerArt Szalon in Hungary, starting from the 25th of March. The exhibition, part of our ongoing project, showcased artworks created by individuals living with mental health conditions, offering a unique perspective on their experiences and struggles.

The event opened with remarks from Kéri Péter, our President, who drew a thought-provoking parallel by asking attendees, “Have you ever attended an exhibition featuring the works of artists living with hemorrhoids?” This analogy set the tone for an evening of exploration into the connection between art and mental health.


Through The Vibrant Mind project, we keep aiming to break down barriers and challenge stigma by bringing these artworks out of clinical settings and into public galleries across European cities. The pieces on display, ranging from paintings to photographs, vividly reflect the emotional turmoil, daily battles, and moments of resilience experienced by individuals grappling with mental health disorders. While the artworks may vary in style and technique, they all serve as powerful expressions of universal human emotions— from the gripping images of anxiety to the somber reflections of melancholy.

Each piece invites viewers to contemplate the complexities of the human mind and encourages empathy and understanding.In addition to the artworks, the event included a screening of “Nyomik,” a touching documentary following the journey of three wheelchair users and a young man with mental health challenges as they navigate obstacles to enjoy a day at Lake Balaton. The film served as a reminder of the resilience and spirit of individuals living with disabilities and mental health conditions.

As the Vibrant Mind project continues to unfold, we invite you to stay tuned for upcoming exhibitions in other European cities. These events provide valuable opportunities for dialogue, education, and community engagement, fostering a greater understanding of mental health and promoting inclusivity.


Find out more in the Hungarian article here.

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