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Bringing together the pieces of Peer Support – Virtual Workshop

As part of the Peer Support Project, GAMIAN-Europe hosted its second workshop on the 15th of November, 2023, focusing on the essential aspects of peer support, training, and supervision, highlighting their significance in mental health care.

GAMIAN-Europe in Brain Innovation Days 2023: Pioneering Discussions on Mental Health

GAMIAN-Europe played a pivotal role in this year’s Brain Innovation Days by contributing to two high-impact sessions on art in mental health and on patient involvement in cross-disciplinary work.

Virtual Workshop on the Integration of Peer Support in Mental Health

As the challenges in mental support are rising, peer support appears as a useful tool. Join our virtual workshop on the 26th of October and find out how peer support can be integrated in mental health services for optimising patients’ treatment and reintegration to society.

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