GAMIAN-Europe Endorses EPP’s Petition for EU Year for Mental Health



Following the latest success of the European Parliament parliament voting in favour of protecting workers’ rights from technostress and over-connection and thereby safeguarding their mental health, a new mental health focused initiatve backed by the European People’s Party (EPP) led by MEP Maria Welsh has been created. It comes in the form of a petition for making 2023 the European year dedicated to mental health. As a reminder, the aim of dedicating a European year for mental health is to gather awareness and momentum for the rights of those living with various mental health conditions. It will be a good launching pad for calling on the EU Commission to create a comprehensive mental health care strategy at EU level.


GAMIAN-Europe has been working with the MEP Alliance for mental health over the last years to push for this objective and hence fully endorse this petition that the EPP has put forward and thoroughly encourage all our members and other advocates for mental health to sign and share this petition among their networks.


You can find a link to the petition here  


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