Virtual Workshop on the Integration of Peer Support in Mental Health

The rates of depression and anxiety have seen a significant surge since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic began, putting an unprecedented strain on the already burdened mental services. Addressing these challenges, GAMIAN-Europe believes that peer support is an innovative tool for mental health. Peer support emerges as a timely solution, with manifold benefits including empowerment, social inclusion, and instilling hope in individuals.

Join our virtual workshop on 26th October 2023, aiming to explore the integration of peer support into existing mental health and associated social and rehabilitation services.

The workshop, chaired by Nikki Mattocks, a lived experience professional and public speaker, aims to shed light on the challenges and opportunities presented by the integration of peer support. The discussion will also cover the experiences of peer support workers, examining their roles and outlining how best to overcome challenges they face.

The integration of peer support isn’t merely a “quick fix” solution but rather a policy imperative. A policy maker’s perspective on the successful implementation of peer support will be discussed, illustrating what an effective integrated service within mental health and social/rehabilitation services could look like. Additionally, pragmatic steps for the future will addressed, aiming at tackling the essential question of how can directors and senior managers incorporate peer support within their services?

Given the rising demand for mental health services and the insufficient resources to meet this need, GAMIAN-Europe’s peer support initiative offers a glimpse into a more resilient, inclusive, and effective approach to mental healthcare.

The virtual workshop is open for registration and encourages participation from professionals, policy makers, and individuals with lived experiences alike, to discuss this urgent and transformative subject.

If you’re interested in participating in the project, please feel free to reach out via email at


Date: 26 October 2023

Time: 14:00-15:45 PM (CET)

Registration link




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