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Belgium Ups&Downs
ADHD Europe 
ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium
European Men’s Health Forum
Croatia Croatian Society for Suicide Prevention
Duga – Family organisation of Croatia
Association for protection of Patients rights
Society for improvement of mental health and quality of life
Palia Centar 
Association for Protection and Promotion of Mental Health 
Organization for improving mental health and quality of life of patients with psychotic disorders and their families 
Cyprus Advocacy Group for the Mentally Ill
Czech Republic Association KOLUMBUS
Estonia Estonian Mental Health Association
Finland Finnish Central Association for Mental Health
Taiteen Sulattamo
Mieli Maasta
Finnish Clubhouses
France France Dépression
Schizo oui
Solidarité Santé Mentale
ARGOS 2001 Help and support for patients with bipolar disorder
FNAPSY National Federation of User Associations in Psychiatry
Germany ADHS-Deutschland
Greece SOFPSI N. SERRON Association of Families, caregivers and friends for the Mental Health, Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders
SOPSI Panhellenic Organization of Families for Mental Health
Anima Anke Psychosocial and rehabilitation Unit
Hellenic Bipolar Organisation
ADHD Hellas
Hungary Awakenings Foundation 
Israel ENOSH The Israeli Mental Health Association

Cork Mental Health 



Italy ARAP
Arete Onlus Psychology and Development 
URASAM Lombardy
Malta Richmond Foundation
Netherlands Plusminus The Association for Manic Depressants and Associates
ANOIKSIS Association for people with psychosis susceptibility (formerly schizophrenia and schizo-affective disorder)
Norway Hieronimus Forum for anxiety and depression
Bipolar association of Norway
Poland Association Integration
Feniks Association
Portugal ADEB Association for the Support of Depressive and Bipolar Patients
EUTIMIA Aliança Europeia contra a Depressão em Portugal  
Romania Romanian League for Mental Health
Russia Strong In Spirit
Slovakia ODOS 
Slovenia OZARA National association for the quality of life
ALTRA Social and health care for people with mental health problems
Spain Associacio de Bipolars de Catalunya
ABDV Association supporting and informing people with mental illness
ASIEM Defending rights of people with mental illness and their families in Valencia
Sweden Ananke Association Supports people with OCD and related diagnoses
Riksförbundet Balans Patient and family association for bipolar disorder, depression, fatigue
ÅSS Swedish Anxiety Disorder Association
Libra i Skåne The support association for people with depression and bipolar disorder and their close relatives
Turkey Schizophrenia Solidarity Association
Blue Horse Ankarra
United Kingdom Rethink Mental Illness
Adferiad Charity for people with serious mental illness and their carers
ADDISS The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service

Associate members Individual members

Pieter Jan Overduin (Netherlands)
John Bowis (UK)
Tamas Barnabas (Hungary)
Jacinta Hastings (Ireland)
Regalia Alessandra
Vesna Damjanovska
Petra Videmsek (Slovenia)
Carlos Enrech Meré (Spain)
Nazmi & Deniz Tayan (Turkey)
Owens Lilian (UK)
Susan Marvel Denton (UK)
Nadya Valentyuk -shevchuk
Dr. Farhan Abdul Rauf

Associate members family associations

LUKJERNICA Association for protection of Patients rights and improvement of mental health and quality of life

DI.A.PSI.-Piemonte – Difesa Ammalati Psichici


Associate members Non European Association

Bipolar Foundation of Argentina Republic

The Mood Disorders Society of Canada

Compulsive Disorder Association of South Africa

(ABRATA) Brazilian Association for Affective Disorders

Central Gauteng Mental Health Society (South Africa)

Community Mental Health Initiative Uganda (CoMHI Uganda).

FUBIPA (Argentina)

FUNDABIPOLARVE, Caracas – Venezuela

Mental health Council Australia

Reconnexion (Australia)

The Obsessive compulsive disorder association of South Africa

Associate members (Professional and scientific associations)


Associate Corporate members

Boehringer Ingelheim




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