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Gamian Europe Adherence report 2012

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EC thematic conference “Promoting social Inclusion and Combating Stigma for better Mental Health and Well-being”  in Lisbon on 8th – 9th November 2010.
GAMIAN-Europe Lisbon Presentation

publications referring to Gamian projects

.Elaine Brohan, Rodney Elgie, Norman Sartorius, Graham Thornicroft and for the GAMIAN-Europe Study Group
Self-stigma, empowerment and perceived discrimination among people with schizophrenia in 14 European countries: The GAMIAN-Europe study. Schizofrenia Research, 2010
Schizophrenia Research Stigma 2010

Elaine Brohan, Dolores Gauci, Norman Sartorius, Graham Thornicroft and For the GAMIAN–Europe Study Group.
Self-stigma, empowerment and perceived discrimination among people with bipolar disorder or depression in 13 European countries: The GAMIAN–Europe study, Journal of Affective Disorders, 2010
Journal Affectieve Disorders Stigma 2006

Bill George, Editorial: What’s in a name? Client participation, diagnosis and the DSM-5, Journal of Mental Health, 2010;19:479-482.

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Time to commit to policy change
FINAL-Schizophrenia Report_2014 and a link to different  short reports

Depression in the Workplace Policy recommendations on how to tackle the leading cause of disability worldwide
Depression at workplace


The Lexicology of bipolar information is part of – a website providing information to patients, carers, and physicians about the IMPACT study and bipolar disorder. The study included 700 patients, and focused on aspects of the professional and personal lives of participants and their relationships with their partner, family and friends.