On a regular base GAMIAN-Europe launches  Pan European Adherence Questionnaires.

The primary objective of this questionnaires is to establish the specific view of the patient, expert by experience on a specific issue: Up to now most issues have been assessed by psychiatrists and other health professionals.
GAMIAN wants to add the patients view in the debate.

Secondary aims include the assessment of differences by countries.

The studies have a cross-sectional design where participants are asked to report their views on a specific issue.
The questionnaire have no open questions thereby removing any likelihood of pharmacovigilance issues.

The basic questionnaire (in English) is translated into most European languages (22) by professional translators, The translator is be provided with background information on the purpose of the study to ensure that a contextual understanding of the meaning of items is achieved.
The translated survey materials is reviewed by a national Gamian member with the target language as his/her first language

Participants can participate online by clicking on the link of their language, or download a printable PDF version of the questionnaire and send it to Gamian-Europe

Participant recruitment will be in line with the following inclusion criteria:
Diagnosis of mental disease
Aged 18 years or older
Consents to take part

Each project is supervised by a Scientific Steering Committee, including academics and representatives of patients associations

Results are communicated at the Gamian-Europe annual conventions and at meetings of the Interest group of members of the European Parliament on Mental Health, Well Being and Brain Diseases

The questionnaires are financed by a non restrictive grants of industry. They do not interfere in the analysis of the data  nor in the communication of the results