Reimbursement rules

At the board meeting held in Dublin, Ireland, on 2nd February 2013, the Gamian board decided on following reimbursement rules

Participation fee of  50 € will be collected at registration or will be deducted of reimbursement of all participants (except board members and invited speakers and accompanying persons)

Conventions, Regional Seminars, General Assembly and board meetings

Invited guests: Transport costs will be reimbursed. For a Convention & General Assembly, two nights accommodation is covered For a Regional Seminar Two nights (extra nights at conference rate on personal expenses)  Booking is done by GAMIAN

Full members, First delegates
Accommodation: Two nights on a Convention & General Assembly, two nights at a Regional Seminar is covered for the first full member’s delegate (extra nights at conference rate on personal expenses)  Booking is done by GAMIAN.
Transport: all travel costs  covered (flight costs limitation at 350,00 €*)

– By plane: cheapest Economic class and most direct route (Please book your ticket as early as possible in order to get good rate). Please attach a copy of your electronic ticket and boarding passes to the reimbursement form. Without ticket nor boarding passes GAMIAN-Europe will not be in a position to reimburse the cost.
– By train: economy fare
– By car: reimbursement of 0,35€/KM.+ parking. Please indicate the number of kilometers on the reimbursement form. The reimbursement will in no case exceed the equivalent first class rail fare

Transfer from and to airport: The use of public transport is recommended. Taxi can be used only by groups, or in case of very early or late travelling, or in case of reduced mobility. Please justify any use of taxis on the reimbursement form without justification we will automatically deduct the expenses.

Full member Second delegate: cost accommodation (three nights/two nights/one night) and all meals covered, no travel

Full member Third delegates: only lunches and dinners covered, no travel, no accommodation

Associated members:  (individual, family, professional and corporate):
accommodation (three nights/two nights/one night) and all meals covered, no travel

Accompanying persons/spouses:
No registration fee, no reimbursement. Have to pay for meals. (Board decides on amount 85 euro)-
Any extra expenses at the hotel, food & beverages during travel are not included in the reimbursement.

The reimbursement form has to be sent to the GAMIAN-Europe Secretariat within two months after the event at the latest.

After that date, GAMIAN will not process any reimbursements.

As money shouldn’t prevent to participate at the event, please contact GAMIAN-Europe at least 30 days before the convention for all expenses beyond or out of this policy and attach the written correspondence to the reimbursement form. To avoid that this is caused by late bookings, the request should be done at least on 40 days before the flight date.

Extra Nights
Delegates can make a reservation for an extra night, before or after. The cost of this extra night can only be covered by GAMIAN-Europe with a prior written approval based on.
•    There is no flight available  (full booked flights due to late booking will not be considered)
•    The difference between the flight costs is higher than the room price.
Delegates who want to extend their stay for personal reasons (holidays) should contact GAMIAN. We will try to obtain the conference room rate.  Do not contact the hotel directly.

(*)Travel costs above €400 would need prior approval by sending a request to GAMIAN-Europe secretariat
Without the written approval (attached to the reimbursement form) the secretariat will automatically reduce the amount to the limit of €400.