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Patient Advisory Board Final Feedback

Final feedback provided by the Patient Advisory Board to specific requests for information and answers to questions posed by Work Package Leaders, trial sites, or other members of the MasterMind consortium. It also presents some potential conclusions and observations...

MasterMind Newsletter issue 2016-2

MASTERMIND NEWSLETTER ISSUE 2016-2 MasterMind newsletter issue 2016-2 is available for download/reading Newsletter MMind 2016_issue_2_Sept2016

Newsletter 2016_01

NEWSLETTER 2016_01 The first issue 2016 of the MasterMind newsletter is available here    

Newsletter 2015 03

NEWSLETTER 2015 03 The third issue of the newsletter is available: download Newsletter 2015 03

Newsletter 2015_02

The 2015_ issue of the newsletter is available: Newsletter MMind 2015_ issue2_nov


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