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GAMIAN-Europe follows a principle of non interference of any funder (public or private) or sponsor in GAMIAN-Europe’s activities.

This statement explains how GAMIAN-Europe works with partners that provide funding to support the implementation of our annual work plan and activities.

GAMIAN-Europe funding arises from a small number of sources, including the pharmaceutical industry, the EU Research project funding, membership fees and other donations.

It is significant to note that GAMIAN-Europe is a broad-based organisation, which represents the interests of persons affected by mental illness and advocates for their rights. Our projects are focused on a wide range of mental health conditions.

In order to make funding partnerships work in practice, to ensure the integrity of both the supporter and GAMIAN-Europe is maintained, and to demonstrate to other stakeholders that our relationships are absolutely scrupulous, we commit to the below principles in relation to our funding:

  • GAMIAN-Europe commits to ensuring that our projects are supported by a consortia of supporting partners, and that no individual company/organisation provides more than 25 percent of our annual income in one year.
  • A written agreement between the supporter and GAMIAN-Europe, outlining the nature and amount of funding and the period covered, is needed before the agreement is finalised. The funding sources will be acknowledged with thanks on relevant publications linked to initiative/project. The amount of funding received and the sources are included in the GAMIAN-Europe Annual Report and published on the GAMIAN-Europe website prior to the Annual General Assembly of the following year where the yearly financial audited report by a professional accountant and an auditor would be reported by the treasurer.
  • GAMIAN-Europe retains the right to take up to 20% of funds raised for a particular project/initiative as an administrative fee for coordinating the activity, and covering core costs.
  • GAMIAN-Europe is subscribed to the EFPIA code of conduct (laid down by statute) on working with patients’ organisations in relation to any funding received from the pharmaceutical industry whilst also building in the above principles adopted, and other relevant European codes.

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