GAMIAN-Europe Leads the Way in Patient-Centric Mental Health Research

In a move to support  patient-centred healthcare innovation in European research, GAMIAN-Europe is proud to announce significant developments in two landmark EU Research Projects: TRUSTING and Psych-STRATA. These initiatives underscore our commitment to embedding the perspectives of patients directly into mental health research and technology development.

Learn more about GAMIAN involvement here. 

The TRUSTING Project: A Collaborative Effort for Innovation

Funded by the European Commission, the TRUSTING project introduces the TRUSTING Users Board (TRUSB), a novel initiative designed to integrate the experiences of patients and clinicians into the development of an AI tool for early intervention in psychosis. The TRUSB, consisting of two variants, the patient (TRUSB-P) and clinician (TRUSB-C) subgroups, plays a crucial role in steering the project towards user-friendly and effective solutions. GAMIAN-Europe is now recruiting patients with lived experience of psychosis to join this transformative project!

Learn more and apply here.

The Psych-STRATA Project: Setting New Standards in Clinical Research

Parallelly, the Psych-STRATA project has successfully launched its Patient Advisory Board (PAB), chaired by GAMIAN-Europe. The PAB is a testament to patient-focused innovation, and it comprises 10 European patient experts contributing to the development of collaborative decision-making tools and evaluating digital health solutions. This initiative not only enhances patient involvement in research but also aims to extend its findings across Europe through educational outreach. Read more here.

Join Our Mission

As we lead initiatives like TRUSTING and Psych-STRATA, we invite the community to join us in shaping a future where mental health solutions are developed with patient insights at their core. By fostering close collaborations, we ensure advancements in mental health are meaningful and aligned with the needs of those they aim to support.

With initiatives like the Patient Advisory Board for Psych-STRATA and recruitment for TRUSB-Patients for TRUSTING, we’re not just advocating for patient involvement; we’re living it.

Join us in this pioneering move towards a patient-centred healthcare landscape. Follow us on LinkedInFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.



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