GAMIAN-Europe’s Response to EU Commission’s ‘Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health’

On June 7th 2023, the European Commission released its mental health package called  “A Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health’. The three guiding principles that they are focusing are:

  • adequate and effective prevention
  • access to high-quality and affordable mental healthcare and treatment
  • reintegration into society after recovery

Under these principles, there are eight different areas where they will be launching different flagship initiatives (you can find more details information here)

In response to the announcment from the European Commission, GAMIAN-Europe has created a small position paper that looks at the positives of this initiative as well as where it falls short.

Overall, we are happy that some of our points and suggestions were taken on board by the Commission, however, there are still several other issues that deserve further attention. In particular, the lack of attention to those currently living with mental ill-health and other vulnerable populations.

You can read our full response here


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