Full membership application form

    Patient participation in the decision making process *

    Activities realising patient participation

    • An invoice for the yearly membership fee €150 will be send after acceptance of your membership by the membership committee
    • All organisations or persons, being personally or professionally involved in the field of Mental Health can become member of GAMIAN-Europe.
      • To encourage and promote information, education and awareness on current knowledge of the treatment and support available to those affected by mental illness having regard to the latest evidence based material.
      • To support and engage in research projects pertaining to mental illness and the dissemination of the results of such research.
      • To offer assistance to member organisations when required and develop support and training mechanisms for their members. Regarding decision makers it is extremely important to fall back on a real societal support. The same goes for fundraising.

      Criteria for full membership are defined in art 6 of the statutes:
      Any non-profit body or non-profit organization, concerned with or engaged in support of patients with mental illness and those who care for them, having patient representation on its board and having activities realizing patient participation shall be eligible for full membership provided they are resident or based in Europe. (WHO definition)

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