•  Access to a large network of stakeholders (patient organisations, academics,
    policy makers, industry representatives) active in the mental health field in
    Europe, with opportunity to network and share best practices
  • Access to a large knowledge-base on mental health
  • Possibility to partake in trainings on various topics (e.g. peer support, quality
    control of mental health services, research skills). Some training can take the
    form of e-learning courses.
  • Opportunity to attend discussions and events aimed at influencing policymaking
    at EU level (e.g. MEP Alliance for mental health meetings; other European/EU
  • Receive regular updates on EU policies and developments, and news about
    events and conferences within the EU relating to health and mental health (e.g.,
    through website updates and monthly newsletters)
  • Gain access to educational materials and information that can be translated into
    local language and disseminated amongst own network
  •  Provide input to Europe-wide- projects pertaining to awareness-raising,
    education, advocacy and research. This can take the form of consultation or
    partnership with GAMIAN-Europe on some project
  •  Possibility to become partners in large EU funded projects
  • Access to a dissemination platform for own updates on projects, providing greater
    visibility for organisations across Europe
  • Opportunity to propose project ideas and work in partnership to develop own
    project ideas
  • Opportunity to exchange ideas with key industry players
  • Access to a community of experts-by-experience and a platform where experts by-experience can exchange ideas and get their voices heard in projects and policy initiatives (e.g., exchange experiences and ideas through online platforms
    such as a private slack platform and a public Facebook group; provide input to EU-funded research projects via our patient advisory board; provide input to GAMIAN-Europe projects; partake in videos/ or interviews shared widely amongst network)

    As per our no discrimination, no stigma policy, we offer free membership to
    organisations/ individuals who do not have the means to afford the membership fees
    – Advantages only available to paying members: AGM and Convention (every two
    years) → Access to expert knowledge about specific topics, ability to share best
    practices and, present and discuss ongoing projects.