Mental health and societal integration – work and community

European Parliament Interest Group on Mental Health, Well-being and Brain Disorders

Wednesday 19th November 2014 (12.30-15.00) in the European Parliament


Background to the meeting was the need for those affected by mental health problems to remain part of their surroundings as well as society as a whole.  This topic is timely as the Joint Action on Mental Health is entering its second phase, and the outcome of the meeting can serve as input into the work of the Partnership – societal integration is part of all themes of the Joint Action.

The meeting focused on two recent initiatives:

•       A patient survey, carried out by GAMIAN-Europe on mental health and employment click here for Paul Arteel’s presentation

•       A European wide research project, carried out by The Economist Intelligence Unit ranking EU 28 member states (plus Norway & Switzerland) in terms of their effective integration of people with mental illness: the Mental Health Integration Index. The Index is accompanied by a White paper which will also be presented. click here for Paul Kielstra’s presentation

The Interest Group on Mental Health, Well-being and Brain Disorders was set up in 2010 with the aim to advocate the development of sound EU policies which contribute to prevention of mental health problems and ensure good services, care and empowerment for those affected by mental health problems.

The November meeting had several aims:

•       to formally relaunch the Interest Group;
•       to be informed of recent findings in relation to the societal integration of people with mental health problems
•       to hear the views of EU-level policy makers and relevant mental health stakeholders on this topic and their recommendations for action;
•       to have an open discussion on how this topic can be further advanced at EU level.

click here to download the report

click here to see the video report


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