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European Mental Health Awareness Week 2023


Annually in May, the European Week for Mental Health is dedicated to raising awareness, educating, and advocating on mental health issues across Europe. Hosted by a collaboration of individuals, professionals, and organisations, the event features workshops, seminars, and public talks. Each year, GAMIAN-Europe creates a small awareness campaign to celebrate this important week.


For European Mental Health Week 2023, a short interactive PDF document was created by GAMIAN-Europe to showcase various impactful local mental health initiatives across different European countries. The purpose of this document is to highlight and share the wonderful efforts that diverse communities are implementing across the continent.

To that end, It highlights community-led approaches tailored to the unique needs and cultural contexts of different regions, ranging from urban centers like Barcelona to more rural areas such as the Norwegian fjords. The initiatives aim to bridge the gap between individuals and national healthcare systems, making mental health services more accessible and reducing barriers to care. Each initiative focuses on specific aspects of mental health support, such as crisis intervention, educational empowerment, digital accessibility, and community integration.

The interactive PDF, was accompanied by different videos from our members that showcased impactful local mental health initiatives that they use within their respective countries.

Download the PDF here!

Watch the videos here!

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