School for leaders of self-help groups

The project was started in December 2001 in co-operation with “Public Initiatives on Psychiatry” (Russia) in a frame of the DFID’s Program “Health and Social Care Partnerships” (HSCP).

Its goal was to provide necessary knowledge to people willing to establish and lead their own self-help groups. The project lasted two years. There were five tree-month courses, and about 40 persons graduated. The last course was arranged as a post-graduate one.

Many of graduated lead their own groups, and the rest have strong intention to start groups in the nearest future. “Students” have got knowledge both in psychiatry and in a group work. The GAMIAN-Europe partners which are very skilled and experienced in this field, helped a lot. Sixteen students visited Oxford (in September 2002 and June 2003) where they had the very useful and encouraging training.


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