The Value of Early Intervention in Brain, Mind and Pain Conditions

Meeting of the MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain, and the Interest Group on Mental Health, Well-being and Brain Disorders – in partnership with the European Brain Council.

The Interest Group meeting took place on Wednesday 12th July 2017 at the European Parliament. It was a good opportunity to discuss brain disorders with stakeholders and members of the European Parliament.

The first panel discussion was chaired by GAMIAN-Europe former Executive Director Paul Arteel. He introduced the panelists: Prof. Maura Pugliatti, Prof. Alistair Webb, Ms. Joke Jaarsma and EUFAMI Secretary General Ms. Aagje Leven.

MEP Michael Boni, Marek Plura, Jana Žitňanská and Nessa Childers actively participated during the debates.

A full report will be published soon.


July 12th 2017
European Parliament, Room A5 E-2

Buffet lunch


Host MEPs: Jana Žitňanská  /  Marian Harkin / Michał Boni / Marek Plura  

12.30 Welcome: Jana Žitňanská MEP / Marek Plura MEP

Roundtable/Panel 1


Chair: Paul Arteel, GAMIAN-Europe

Aim: This session will address the conclusions and recommendations from the European Brain Council’s Value of Treatment research project and White Paper. It will explore the value of early intervention, using case-studies in four disorders – presented from various stakeholder perspectives – and will discuss how the EU can support the solutions identified.

Opening addresses:

Frédéric Destrébecq, Executive Director, European Brain Council

Michal Boni, MEP


MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS : A neurologist’s perspective – Prof. Maura Pugliatti, Italy

STROKE: An economist’s perspective – Prof. Alistair Webb, UK

RESTLESS LEGS SYNDROME: A patient’s perspective – Ms. Joke Jaarsma, Netherlands

SCHIZOPHRENIA: A family member’s perspective – Ms. Aagje Ieven, Belgium

Conclusions: Jana Žitňanská

Roundtable/Panel 2


Chair: Ann Little, European Federation of Neurological Associations, President


Aim: This presentation and panel discussion will explore possible next steps in the Value of Treatment project – exploring the application of the developed methodology to other disease areas e.g. rare diseases or chronic pain, as well as a future focus on interventions such as rehabilitation. 

Opening address, Panel 2: Michael Boni MEP – Towards Integrated Care

Introduction to the Value Proposition

Ms. Vinciane Quoidbach, Public Health & Policy, Research Project Manager

Value of Treatment Research Project


RARE DISEASES (ATAXIA): A neurologist’s perspective – Prof. Paola Giunti, UK

MYALGIC ENCEPHALOMYELITIS: A patient perspective – Nancy van Hoylandt, Belgium

CHRONIC PAIN: A researcher’s perspective – University of Rotterdam TBC

Guest speaker Stephane Hogan, Head of Neuroscience, DG Research

14.30 Conclusions incl. audience Q&A and remarks from supporting MEPs

14.45 Drinks

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