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We are a patient-driven pan-European organisation, representing the interests of persons affected by mental ill-health and advocates for their rights. Our main objectives are advocacy, information and education, destigmatisation, co-operation, partnerships and capacity building.


GAMIAN-Europe launches its 2023 Annual Report

GAMIAN-Europe is thrilled to announce the release of its 2023 Annual Report, highlighting a year of substantial achievements and unwavering dedication to mental health advocacy across Europe. This year's report provides an in-depth look at our initiatives, including...

EUFAMI Registration for the 2024 Congress is Now Open

GAMIAN-Europe's close collaborator, EUFAMI, is organising its Annual Congress in Vilnius, Lithuania, on June 21-22, 2024.  We encourage our members, partners, and all stakeholders in the mental health community to join this important event.  What to Expect The EUFAMI...

GAMIAN-Europe at the 32nd European Congress of Psychiatry in Budapest

From April 6th to April 9th, GAMIAN-Europe had the chance to participate in the 32nd European Congress of Psychiatry held in Budapest, Hungary. The event was a vibrant gathering, bringing together experts and professionals from across the globe, and providing an...

GAMIAN-Europe Leads the Way in Patient-Centric Mental Health Research

In a move to support  patient-centred healthcare innovation in European research, GAMIAN-Europe is proud to announce significant developments in two landmark EU Research Projects: TRUSTING and Psych-STRATA. These initiatives underscore our commitment to embedding the...

Vibrant Mind Exhibition Stops in Budapest

GAMIAN-Europe is proud to share insights from the recent developments from our Vibrant Mind Project, including its latest exhibition at the KuglerArt Szalon in Hungary, starting from the 25th of March. The exhibition, part of our ongoing project, showcased artworks...

Celebrating Brain Awareness Week: Unveiling GAMIAN-Europe’s Interactive Campaign

GAMIAN-Europe proudly announces our interactive campaign was launched on the occasion of Brain Awareness Week, aiming to put a light on the complex relationship between brain function and mental health conditions. This interactive initiative offers an engaging guide...

GAMIAN-Europe in Essential Tremor Conference at the European Parliament

Yesterday at the European Parliament, GAMIAN-Europe participated in the Essential Tremor Conference. The Conference resulted in a pivotal summit to raise the conversation around essential tremor, a prevalent but often overlooked brain disorder affecting over 60...

GAMIAN-Europe in Brain Awareness Week 2024: There is no Brain Health Without Mental Health

On March 7, 2024, GAMIAN-Europe participated in a significant gathering at the European Parliament, organised by the European Brain Council. Leading discussions marked Brain Awareness Week 2024, underlined the urgency and importance of addressing Mental Health...

GAMIAN-Europe Calls on MEPs to Support a European Parliament Intergroup on Mental Health

In a significant move to prioritize mental health at the heart of European policy-making, GAMIAN-Europe has officially released its Manifesto, calling on Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to champion the establishment of a European Parliament Intergroup on...

‘Vibrant Mind’ Journey Continues in Suceava, Romania at the Zamaca Art Gallery, hosted by the Bucovina Institute Association

"The Vibrant Mind: Exploring Mental Health Through Artistry" is a transformative pan-European initiative that blends the power of art with mental health advocacy. Aiming at breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health, this project empowers those with mental...

Our latest campaigns and projects

We are committed to making a difference through impactful initiatives. Our work is divided into different campaigns under which different projects sit. Explore them both to gain knowledge, promote awareness, and join us in our mission to create a more informed and compassionate world.

Brain Awareness Week 2024

This March, join us in a global celebration led by the Dana Foundation to boost understanding of the brain’s role in mental health. GAMIAN-Europe introduces an interactive e-book/page that delves into the brain’s complexities and its connection to mental well-being. 

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Art and mental health

Welcome to our creative hub, where we delve into the intricate relationship between art and mental health.

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Peer support

Finding ways to support those experiencing mental health issues safely and effectively is key, and one of the best approaches includes peer support.


Cancer patients suffering from depression are also at heightened risk of suicide, particularly those with head and neck cancers.

The voice of patients in mental health

All organisations or persons, being personally or professionally involved in the field of Mental Health can become member of GAMIAN-Europe.

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