2007 Convention – ZAGREB

10th Anniversary: 2007 Annual Educational Convention Programme

1st November 2007
Arrival at Terme Tuheli in the early afternoon

Opening of the Convention and Speeches
GAMIAN-Europe Award Ceremony                    Cocktails

2nd November 2007

Stigma & Empowerment

  • GAMIAN-Europe Stigma Survey –     Elaine Brohan
  • The Way Forward –  Rodney Elgie
  • Auto-Stigma from the Patient’s Perspective – Pedro Manuel Ortiz de Montellano
  • Stigma by and in the Family – Inger Nielsen
  • Stigma by Professionals – Sladana Ivezic
  • Empowerment: The Slovanian Experience – Petra Videmsek
  • Empowerment: The Romanian Experience – Raluca Nica

Wellness Programme – Frances Beves

Bipolar Disorders – Jan Scott & Guadalupe Morales (Spain)

Good Practice on Stigma and Empowerment:

  • Media (Facilitator – Paul Arteel)
  • Youth and Children in Schools (Facilitator – Petra Videmsek)
  • Families (Facilitator – Yoram Cohen)
  • Government (Facilitator – Raluca Nica)

General Assembly

3rd November 2007

Depression – David Baldwin & a Patient with Depression (Aware)
Schizophrenia – Marc de Hert and Peter Kottas (Enosh)

Politics of Experience and Citizenship in Mental Health – Susan Hyvari
User-based Research and Empowerment – Markku Salo

Open Space for Good Practices on Information and Education

4th November 2007


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