European Medicines Agency

Hilkka Karkkainen, Gamian-board member, attended a training session for patients and consumers involved in EMA ( European Medicines Agency) activities on 25 November 2014 in London. I learned how medicines are evaluated at the EMA and what is scientific advice (SA) and how patients are involved in in SA. We also learned how patients are involved in scientific advisory group (SAG). We learned about a package leaflet and how to review it as well as safety communications and how to review them. We learned about the impact of pharmacovigilance for patients and how to find info on the EMA website. It was also a possibility to meet and to get to know other EMA members. Second day Hilkka attended EMA Human Scientific Committees Working Party with Patients and Consumers Organisations (PCWP) meeting with eligible organisations where we got the overview of activities 2014 concerning the Involvement of patient/consumer organisations in EMA activities. This was a great event to network with other patients organisations an to get to know the work of EMA..


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