ImpleMentAll is a European collaboration towards faster and more effective implementation of eHealth interventions. The project’s raison d’être is founded on the notion that implementation of new services and technologies is time-consuming and costly– and often fails completely – not least in the healthcare domain. Solidly based in research, and in a collaboration spanning from all corners of Europe to Australia, the project will construct its answer to this widespread problem.



  •  To develop a generic Integrated Theory-based Framework for Intervention Tailoring Strategies (the ItFits-toolkit) for data-driven tailored implementation of evidence-based eHealth services.
  •  To demonstrate the impact of the ItFits toolkit on the implementation of eHealth for common mental disorders (iCBT) in 9 European countries (2 of which are Low and Middle Income Countries), and Australia.
  •  To disseminate the validated toolkit in various healthcare contexts across Europe. ImpleMentAll is a true multidisciplinary, international collaboration that unites key experts in clinical practice, health, innovation, clinical research, and implementation science. The project consortium has been built with the aim of improving eHealth implementation in not only prosperous nations but all nations regardless of their economic status.

More about the project, read here.

You can access the full set of IMA Final Conference presentations online here.

The full set of session videos from the IMA Final Conference are also available on the IMA YouTube channel – you can find these here.


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