Regional Seminar Bucarest 2009

GAMIAN-Europe Regional Seminar

‘The Way to Recovery: Pharmacotherapy, Psychotherapy, and Social Rehabilitation from the Users’ and professionals’ Point of View

Bucharest 22nd – 24th May 2009

Participants – GAMIAN-Europe members from the following Eastern European Countries:   Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Croatia and Slovak Republic.


Friday 22nd May

Arrival of Delegates
Evening:   Welcome Dinner

Saturday 23rd May

Welcome by President of GE
Welcome by President of the Romanian League for Mental Health

Keynote Speech:
‘The Way to Recovery: Pharmacotherapy, Psychotherapy and Social Rehabilitation from the Users’ Perspectives’ – Guadalupe Morales

Keynote Speech:
‘The Way to Recovery: Pharmacotherapy, Psychotherapy and Social Rehabilitation from the Clinicians’ Perspectives’ –  Fernando Canas

Treatment Options in Eastern European Counties from the Patients’ Perspectives:

Participants will present for 10 minutes the treatment options available in their country – participants

Access to Treatments: Limitations of Access to Treatments

Patient Perspective:  Andrey Lukacher
European Perspective  Juan Garcia Burgos, EMEA
Clinician Perspective  Dr. Adina Bitfoi

Panel Discussion

Sunday 24th May

Access to Treatments:
How Can Patients influence their Politicians :  Effective Advocacy – (not confirmed)
An Example of Good Practice – Belgian Example – Paul Arteel
Gamian RegSem-2009-Paul Arteel

Continue……practical exercise (workshop)

Pathways to Recovery: Examples of Good Practice from across Europe  Dr. Ekaterina Klimenko, Russia

The way forward and lessons learnt



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