Regional seminar Larnaca 2012

GAMIAN-Europe Regional Seminar 2012

Adherence to Treatment


Welcome Dinner: Welcome by the Host Organisation – Elisa Torrosian (Agftmi)

Welcome  by  GE President Dolores Gauci
Testimony by two patients on their experience
Adherence to treatment: its importance for effectiveness and wellbeing – Cyril Höschl
Results of surveys with Health Care Professionals –  Ludger Hargarter(Janssen)
Gamian RegSem-2012-Hargarter
Reflections on the survey outcomes –  Koksal Alptekin  (video connection) tbc

Round table: Delegates report on the situation in their country, reflecting on the first results of the Adherence Questionnaire. Discussion on ways to improve adherence of patients with schizophrenia
Gamian RegSem-2012-Adherence Arteel
Gamian RegSem-2012-Bogdan
Gamian RegSem-2012-Montellano
Gamian RegSem-2012-Nomidou

Taking the concept of adherence forward:  recommendations from the Seminar


Physical and Mental Health

Welcome and Introduction
•    Testimony by two patients on their experience of living with physical and mental illness
•    Preliminary Results of the Physical and Mental Health Questionnaire.
•    Workshop:  Reflecting on the results of the Gamian questionnaire on Physical and mental Health, ways to

improve physical health and prevent physical illness for people suffering from mental illness. Recommendations to take forward to the meeting of the Interest Group on Mental Health, Wellbeing and the Brain in June.

Conclusions and End of Seminar



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