‘Sound mental health policy development – the need for focused research’


The meeting took place on 20 January 2015

Background to the meeting was the fact that the need for more and targeted research has been a recurrent theme in all the meetings of the Interest Group so far; there are huge knowledge gaps which need to be addressed in order to develop sound and evidence-based mental health policies.

The Interest Group and GAMIAN-Europe have been active advocates at the time when the Horizon2020 programme was being developed and have managed to insert references to research on physical and mental health.

Introduction by the co-chairs

Nessa Childers MEP
Marian Harkin MEP
Jean Lambert MEP

Horizon2020: what is being done on research in the field of mental health?
Barbara Kerstiens, European Commission, Head of Sector Public Health,DG Research & Innovation

The place of research in the Joint Action on Mental health:
Juergen Scheftlein, European Commission, Policy Officer, DG SANCO

The ROAMER project
Josep Maria Haro, Project coordinator, psychiatrist and director of the Research Unit at Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu, CIBERSAM, Universitat de Barcelona (Spain) and Tyl Wikes,ROAMER writing package lead

Panel response:

 Conclusions and close

Nessa Childers MEP
Marian Harkin MEP
Jean Lambert MEP

 full report


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