Yoram Cohen (Israel)

Yoram is a 34-year volunteer in the field of Mental Health, seasoned director of leading NGO’s in fields including mental health and child welfare in third-world countries. Dedicated leader who consistently strengthening organizations. Future-minded planner who is involved in continually projects and consultations in collaboration with organization leaders. Former President of GAMIAN-Europe, Senior Consultant of the WFMH (World Federation for Mental Health), Chairman of Enosh, the Israeli Mental Health Association and Chairman of Save A Child’s Heart. Yoram is a member of the Rotary International since 1977 and served as District Governor of Rotary Israel (District 2490) from 1998-1999. Yoram Cohen is neither a doctor nor a psychiatrist, neither a mental-health care-provider nor an academic researcher but he has over thirty years of volunteer experience on the local, national and international levels leading organizations representing consumers and their families. Within that time Yoram gained insight into the issues which concern patients, including patient’s rights, treatment concerns, social and economic opportunity and combating ignorance about mental health. His experience allows him to speak about this issues from an informed and concerned point of view. Yoram Cohen is quite optimistic about the future of mental-health care and also about the continued integration of consumers into society. Yoram is married with Debbie and the couple has 3 children and 9 grandchild


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